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About Dr Shyam Agarwal Child Hospital & Research Center

logoAt Dr Shyam Agarwal Child Hospital & Research Center, health care, is not like any other business transaction. We strive to add genuine care and commitment to cure our patients. Indeed, with our avant-garde paraphernalia, we offer nothing but the best services in child health care in the Bikaner,Rajasthan, India.

Shyam Child Care (a courtyard) is a dedicatedly devoted to complete child care from 0 to 18 years. SCC provide all the quality facility and care in homely atmosphere as available at own home courtyard. SCC is launched by Dr. Shyam Agarwal in 2011.

Shyam Child Care Hospital serves as an exemplary model of integrating children´s healthcare: primary, secondary and tertiary care services all under one roof. The building was constructed using the latest technology, the best materials under the able guidance and stewardship of our Director.

The entire premises are built in accordance with the National Building Code, and satisfy all regulatory authorities including Fire Safety, and N. A. B. H. (National Accreditation Board for Healthcare Organizations, Government of India) requirements. The policy manuals and protocols are rigorously followed according to N. A. B. H. requirements.

The unique feature of this finest and best children´s hospital in Bikaner,Rajasthan and India is the meticulous attention paid to the design and child friendly ambience, all detailed and planned to ensure smooth workflow and patient transfers, services.

Our Mission

We at Shyam Child Care Hospital have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality of care to the children whom we serve.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach out to every child in India extending the entire spectrum of children´s healthcare services from the newborn to adolescent in a single integrated facility...

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